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2020 is over already?

Me, by the end of the quarantine.

This year keeps getting better and better. It’s official: presential classes are on hold until March 2021. That means I can’t take exams or anything of the sort.

While the university offers online classes, I’m opposed to them. This has happened before. Back in the 70’s, universities “gave away” degrees due to the political turmoil back then.

I don’t want to jeopardize my education. I’d rather be patient, wait until everything goes back to somewhat normal and carry on from there.

What does that mean for me and this website, as a whole? I plan to finish my study notes. I’m going to cover more topics, political science in particular. Stay tuned, if you care.

Furthermore, I’ll attempt to fill the rest of my website’s section. I’m aware that every part of it is lacking.

Some people would embrace depression and drown themselves with distractions. Not me. I intend to make the best out of a situation that is out of my control.

And to think I was optimistic enough to think this would end by May. Sometimes life surprises you in bitter ways.

All that’s left is my own force of will. I intend not to submit to lethargy. Wish me luck?

More updates throughout the day. Until then…