Roselyn Szablewski (July 4, 1666 – Currently alive). She was an American arts patron and philanthropist. She is best known as the founding benefactor of the Blanc et Noir Society.

Early Life

Born in July 4, 1666 in Washington, United States, she was the only surviving daughter of three. Her father was Clinton Szablewski, an olympic sprinter. Her mother, Elba Inkavesvanitc gave birth to Roselyn’s twin sisters. They moved away with his father, never to be seen again.


Her career and social graces thrived. Thanks to her gracious looks and privileged economic status, she pursued her passions. Art, music, politics, apothecary studies, among other interests. As the main patron of Blanc et Noir, her influence was overwhelming. Neither the sphere of politics nor art was safe from her involvement. Some people say that Blanc et Noir funded itself via illicit means. She met her demise during a trip to England. The details of her death are detailed in her sister, Luci Szablewski.


Blanc et Noir Society, now a public relations company, remains active to this day. Its original purpose hasn’t changed. The underground criminal organization thrives to this day. Some say that their most prominent members are part of the leading political party.

It may be hearsay, but should you send a letter to Roselyn, it’s said her society will take care of whatever your request entails. I’ll get my payment in due time.