Let’s hate each other, as friends.

Dehumanization. Turning yourself into the punchline of an inside joke. Whose joke? Your friends? Your colleges? The system designed to twist, turn and, in the end, discard potentiality? Most important of all: for what purpose? Is this the underlying goal of socialization? Pretend that you can withstand the worst of social flagellation. Does that make you, in other words, the epitome of a socialite?


 One may might state to “soften up”, or that’s it’s “a joke”. The line dividing a joke, a mean-spirited comment and hatred is as thin as it is harrowing. We must avoid outright abuse for the sake of perpetuating the social status quo. Society is more than stepping on others. It’s also more than suffering the uncaring, crushing stride of others towards you.


 I do not find the insults directed at me or others, for that matter, funny, amusing, endearing, or witty. Nothing further from the truth. From my perspective, it’s a group of individuals who are incapable of tackling reality. They seek refugee in the old ways. The frantic clawing in hopes to not fall into the abyss of rancor, like all others. The tried and true method of ridicule of the unequal. The comfort of hatred. It’s easier to seek fault and elevate your psyche by stepping on the unalike. Convince yourself that the dissimilar is insignificant and not worth your concern. Homogeneity grants you safety. Sounds straightforward, don’t you agree? Why confront the existential crisis when you’ve been wronging people all this time? Why not instead justify your actions in the name of righteousness? The herd mentality? You’re, after all, part of the mob. Why not cull those alien to your viewpoint?


 I’m not going to pretend to be a paragon of virtue. I’ve had my negative outbursts. And yet, I am willing to atone. A genuine plea of forgiveness. When was the last time someone felt touched by someone’s repentance, a genuine act of remorse? How often was your discomfort dismissed as being thin-skinned? By what metric do we judge the mettle of character? Are we too proud to admit fault?


 Could this be the consequence of a contemporary conformity of violence? Are we addled by the smoke and mirrors of an inhumane system? Progress. It’s inevitable, heartless, merciless, and unstoppable. A tacit approval of abuse for the sake of the future. Let’s not forget that without a present, a here and now, there can never be a future. A satisfying prospect, bursting with happiness and genuine compassion.

In other words, freedom.

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